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This course can be taken 100% online and you can gain the full regulated qualification the same as you would if you attended a face to face course in the classroom.

If you are taking this as a 100% online regulated course, once you have passed you will need to then contact us to arrange an ID check, where we will also be able to answer any questions you have and review the course with you.  We will also send you the open response test which you will need to complete and pass.  The test is completed through your ProTrainings dashboard and is a series of questions you need to research and submit for marking online.  We will give you more information on what you have to do towards the end of the course.

The certificate you receive for the online course will not be the full regulated qualification, the full certificate will be emailed to you once you pass the open response test, have completed the ID check and passed our internal quality assurance process.

This may be an online course but you have access to support staff should you need help during your training.